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Low Cost Shipping Across
Canada and the US

  • Start shipping at as low as $5.11
  • Ship anywhere, everywhere in Canada and US
  • Import orders, schedule pick ups and generate labels seamlessly
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Free Pick Up

  • Avail free pick up for your parcels at your doorstep
  • Take advantage of ShippingChimp's warehouses across Canada
  • Stop wasting time searching for drop off points
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Ready Integrations

  • Readily integrate your stores on all popular store fronts.
  • Auto-import all orders into your ShippingChimp dashboard.
  • One-click connect with your favorite store fronts such as Shopify, WooCommerce, eBay, Etsy, Amazon etc.
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Real-Time Delivery Updates

  • Update your shoppers in real-time about order transit statuses.
  • Let your shoppers know of any impending delays or last suspects.
  • Set email triggers based on rules such as "out for delivery" or "order is delayed" etc.
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