shopify integration engage

Engage post-purchase for an immersive brand experience

From checkout to delivery offer a white glove delivery experience to your customers. Create a second touch point with a branded tracking service within your product page. Improve customer loyalty with better brand recall.

shopify integration engage

Set instant delivery notifications from within shopify dashboard

Live track all your order deliveries. Eliminate customer anxiety by offering complete visibility into the location of their packages. Predict delivery exceptions and take control of your last-mile experience.

shopify integration tie key

Tie key order-delivery performance metrics to maximize revenue

Break down functional silos by collectively measuring metrics on a unified dashboard. Maximize revenue with our intelligent insights by connecting AOV and On-time delivery performance.

Why integrate your Shopify store with ShippingChimp?

Increased customer loyalty
Smarter customer engagement
360 degree visibility into order delivery
Proactive delivery exception management
Reduced returns
integrate your Shopify store with ShippingChimp