Actionable strategies to improve customer retention and post purchase experience from ecommerce industry

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Episode #1

In this Video, Umar takes us through the journey of how he transformed his retail store into a thriving online business with up to 69% repeat purchase rates. Watch the interview to glean insights about the metrics that you should measure.

Episode #2

Cory Snyder from Maropost elaborates on the importance of forming real relationships with eCommerce customers. Know, understand and engage with customers is what he believes is the key to building a successful brand.

Episode #3

In this episode, Alex from Loop returns joins us to describe in detail how to streamline eCommerce returns. Alex gives a short crash course on some of the easily repeatable purchase techniques that eCommerce brands can implement right away.

Episode #4

In this episode, Brian from Neto discusses in detail why eCommerce brands must make branding a priority. He further goes on to describe the pandemic has changed consumer behaviour rising their expectation from brands.

Episode #5

In this episode, Dimitar from SMS bump highlights the growing importance of SMS marketing for eCommerce brands. He deep dives into the dos and don'ts of running a successful eCommerce SMS campaign.

Episode #6

In this episode, Dimitar from SMS bump highlights the growing importance of SMS marketing for eCommerce brands. He deep dives into the dos and don'ts of running a successful eCommerce SMS campaign.

Episode #7

We discuss in this episode how Kuru footwear makes a strong brand impression with its impeccable customer service. Shoppers are increasingly paying attention to brands that care and have a social responsibility. Watch this episode to get the basics right for your eCommerce store.

Episode #8

In this Episode, Eden Bidani gives a crash course on eCommerce copy that sells. By comparing the current state of copy with the potential, she make a strong case for boosting eCommerce customer engagement through a compelling narrative.

Episode #9

In this episode, Jon Ivanco gets candid and draws attention to differentiating company journey against customer journey. He debunks the vanity metrics and offers guidance that e-commerce businesses can consider to be a true north star!

Episode #10

In this episode, we talk about some of the most effective ways to keep customers coming back, including building a subscriber list, automating upsell and reminders with email marketing, and building loyalty programs.

Episode #11

In this episode, Warren discusses what it takes for a sports nutrition brand to stand differentiated. He swears by creating quality products that prospects rave about for achieving customer loyalty. Listen to his story about how he roped in his first influencer purely on the merit of the product.

Episode #12

In this episode, Ryan from Sullen clothing emphasizes the importance of nurturing your community by valuing customers and encouraging artists. He talks elaborately about the strategies that worked in scaling his eCommerce brand and staying one step ahead of the competition.

Episode #13

In this episode, Robyn from Pretzel kids recaptures the true essence of paying it forward to society with her entrepreneurial journey. With an online platform for kids yoga, Robyn makes a significant impact on many young lives.

Episode #14

In this video, Ranjan Roy from Adoreme elaborates on what it takes to build an online lingerie brand and achieve sustainable growth. He explains continuous investment in cutting-edge technology is key to crushing the competition.

Episode #15

In this episode of eCommerce 360, Daniel from Snow agency unpacks the importance of retention marketing for eCommerce brands. Starting from the basics of retention marketing, he goes on to describe the nuances of retaining customers to drive repeat purchase

Episode #16

In this episode of eCommerce360, Blake Imperl from Attentive with a feverish enthusiasm explained the endless possibilities of investing in a 2-way SMS marketing.

Episode #17

In this episode Aaron takes us through the journey of starting an eCommerce business from scratch with no prior experience of website building or handling logistics or finding the right packaging and scaling it massively.

Episode #18

Ashley from Hawke media breaks down the impact of the IOS 15 update on eCommerce customer acquisition.She then details the strategies that marketers must be armed with to take on the threat posed by the changing privacy policies.

Episode #19

In this episode of eCommerce-360, I caught up with Francesca Saraco on the rise of social commerce in 2021.Francesca unpacks the insights that she has gained about #ecommerce #socialmediamarketingstrategies over a span of 14 years in this episode

Episode #20

In this episode of eCommerce-360, Craig from Freightwaves emphasizes on the importance of efficient shipping process to find success in eCommerce

Episode #21

Cassidy Monforte retention strategy manager from Common Thread Collective deep dives into how to make eCommerce retention strategies tick in this episode of eCommerce-360.

Episode #22

In this episode, Marc from FKA brands, expains the intricasies of making incremental changes to marketing strategies to be one step ahead of your competitor.

Episode #23

In this episode of e-commerce 360, Jason greenwood deep dives into every aspect to cover the entire spectrum of running an eCommerce business.