Frequently Asked Questions

About ShippingChimp

Who can ship using ShippingChimp?

ShippingChimp users are eCommerce businesses that want low shipping costs with a reliable delivery timeline for their customers.

Does ShippingChimp integrate with Shopify?

ShippingChimp integrates seamlessly with all the major marketplaces including Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento and more.

Does ShippingChimp have a single pick up agent for all orders?

Yes. ShippingChimp collaborates with multiple local and national carriers to offer the best shipping rates. At the same time, we make sure the delivery process is completely seamless - from pick up to door delivery.

Label Generation

How do I generate labels using ShippingChimp?

Once the orders are fetched from the marketplaces of your choice, the dashboard gets automatically populated. You can then “Create a Shipment”, the information will be fetched. Then click on the “Generate and Print” label.

Do you integrate with ShipStation?

Yes, we have one click integration with Shipstation. So, you can continue to generate labels through the Shipstation platform while using ShippingChimp.

Do I need a special printer for printing my labels?

No, any modern printer works well. However, for ZPL formats you need a ZPL printer.

Pricing and payment

How can I get a shipping estimate?

Use ShippingChimp’s Shipping Calculator to get a detailed shipping estimate. In order to get an idea of our rates throughout Canada, visit our Pricing page. You can also email your current shipping invoice at [email protected] and we will get back to you.

How long is the Billing Cycle?

Our billing cycle is weekly. However, if you want a monthly cycle, just let us know.

Where do I find the payment receipts?

Go to > Settings > Billing > Invoices

Does ShippingChimp offer Insurance?

We offer free insurance up to $100 (CAD). However, you can also opt for more coverage.


Does ShippingChimp offer real-time tracking?

We offer real-time tracking to you, the merchant as well as to your customers.

How can my customers track packages?

All the tracking numbers are available under “Deliveries”. We also update your shopify store with tracking information so as to intimate your customers.

Do you offer email notifications?

ShippingChimp offers the ability to share delivery alerts through emails from your SMTP. ShippingChimp is also integrated with Klaviyo. Emails will be automatically triggered according to change in the delivery statuses.


Is my order and customer information safe?

We take security very seriously. All our customer information is stored in an encrypted format. The data related to orders, shipments, and customers are stored in a safe and secure way.

Is ShippingChimp GDPR compliant?

Yes, we are GDPR compliant. ShippingChimp does not store customer data without explicit consent from the customer. ShippingChimp refrains from sharing customer data with any third-party site.