Frequently Asked Questions

About ShippingChimp

What is ShippingChimp?

ShippingChimp is an AI-powered last-mile customer experience platform designed to enhance your customers’ shopping experience with you, improving your retention rate.

Who can benefit from ShippingChimp?

ShippingChimp’s vision is to engineer a shipping intelligence platform that unveils the layers of hidden complexities clouding last-mile deliveries. Any business that ships stand to benefit from intuitive, contextual analytics offered by ShippingChimp. If you are an eCommerce business, ShippingChimp can supercharge your customer engagement and satisfaction. It is also a great platform for eCommerce agencies that are managing multiple eCommerce brands.

Account Setup and integration

How do I signup?

The signup process is very simple. Create an account with your business email address (just like you signup for LinkedIn or any other social media). Then go on to link your Shopify/Other store.

How do I link my Shopify store?

Your ShippingChimp account can be linked to Shopify by using webhooks. You can read more about configuring Shopify webhooks.

What is a webhook?

Webhook is a way to push your order-related information, every time there is an update. Webhooks act as push notification triggered by events. Put simply, a webhook is an URL that you need to add to your Shopify account to map them on to your ShippingChimp account.

Do you offer API integration?

Yes, we do. Webhook is a reverse API. Integration using webhook is more efficient and easier.

Other than Shopify and BigCommerce what are the eCommerce platforms that ShippingChimp supports?

We support all platforms that offer integration through webhook. All we would require you to do is copy-paste the unique webhook from your ShippingChimp portal onto your eCommerce portal.

Features and Benefits

How do I send order tracking notifications to my customers with my business email?

You may add your business email SMTP on your ShippingChimp portal. Our systems will get customer email IDs associated with the order whenever a new order is placed on your store via API/webhooks/native integrations. Automatic notifications will be triggered based on shipment events.

How often are customer delivery notifications emailed?

ShippinChimp’s notification capability is 100% flexible.

You may schedule automatic notifications for various events such as

  • Shipment picked up
  • The shipment has reached the warehouse
  • The shipment left the facility
  • Shipment is in transit
  • Shipment is out for delivery

How does the ShippingChimp’s customizable order tracking page works?

Once you complete the signup process, you will get a unique link for your account in the ShippingChimp portal. You may simply add this link to your website. You can customize the tracking page by adding your logo, FAQ, and other relevant links

How does the returns/disputes management portal work?

By enabling the returns, damage disputes button on the custom tracking page, your customers can initiate order return or dispute order damages. When the shopper initiates a dispute or return request, a notification will appear on your ShippingChimp dispute section. Your customer agent may authorize a return request or dispatch a replacement.

Will you integrate with my internal order management system?

CAt ShippingChimp we strive hard to ensure that our solution is well-woven into your existing shipping management system. Get in touch with us if you would like to custom connect ShippingChimp with your internal system.


Is my order and customer information safe?

We take security very seriously. All our customer information is stored in an encrypted format. The data related to orders, shipments, and customers are stored in a safe and secure way.

Is ShippingChimp GDPR compliant?

Yes, we are GDPR compliant. ShippingChimp does not store customer data without explicit consent from the customer. ShippingChimp refrains from sharing customer data with any third-party site.