Our Glowing Hearts was created to show love and support to healthcare heroes & front line workers.

Our Glowing Hearts overcame their logistical challenges such as expensive shipping and inefficient deliveries with ShippingChimp.

About Our Glowing Hearts

MossLED, a 14 year old company that supplies LED lighting to TV and Live entertainment companies were in a precarious position when Covid shut down their clients. In order to keep the company afloat, they came up with the idea of Our glowing hearts - heart-shaped, hand-made, glowing neon lights. This was a way to support their community, healthcare and frontline workers. Even though they started small, after a couple of facebook posts and well deserved media attention, their order volume quickly snowballed.

The problem

As with any eCommerce business, growth begets logistical challenges. The team at Our Glowing Hearts led by founder Jeff, hustled hard to fulfill the growing demand from customers. Although the national carriers got the job done, they faced quite a few issues. These shipping snafus included tracking, lost packages, delays and constant pressure to hit a certain shipping volume to remain eligible for tiered discounts.

Our Glowing Hearts team - working hard to fulfill increasing demand

The solution

ShippingChimp was a game changer that helped our glowing hearts maintain their scaling momentum.

To quote Jeff

“ShippingChimp was a breath of fresh air. In contrast to the traditional carriers, ShippingChimp was cost effective.Their customer support was responsive and easy to talk to.”

Here’s how ShippingChimp helps Our Glowing Hearts propel ahead:

  1. Ready integration - It takes less than 5 mins to integrate ShippingChimp with a Shopify store. All orders are automatically imported from Shopify into ShippingChimp. ShippingChimp also integrates perfectly well with the rest of the fulfillment operations.
  2. Cost effective - Our Glowing Hearts experienced an instant savings of 46% in their shipping costs once they started using ShippingChimp. Moreover, there is no pick up fee or additional charges.
  3. Responsive customer service - With ShippingChimp, Our Glowing Hearts could offer an impeccable delivery service to their shoppers. All shipment details are tracked in real time and support is available 24/7.
  4. Reliable shipping service - Our Glowing Hearts stays on top of their package movements with the help of ShippingChimp. Any potential delivery issues are related beforehand. This helps them predict and respond to streamline order fulfillment.
  5. Intuitive platform - ShippingChimp’s platform makes it easy for Our Glowing Hearts to generate labels in minutes. The migration to the ShippingChimp platform was easy.

ShippingChimp beats all the major larger shipping services out there. They are cost effective, always on time and their customer support is responsive. We recommend ShippingChimp.

Jefferey Moss
President, MossLed

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