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Personalise transactional shipping notifications

With ShippingChimp and Klaviyo, craft customised post-purchase sequence

Think beyond promotional emails

Order-tracking status emails report an open rate of 45% and click rate of 18%. Compared to promotional campaigns, order tracking alerts have a higher engagement rate. When you combine the personalisation of Klaviyo with the precision of ShippingChimp’s alerts, repeat sales increase by 3X.

think-beyond-promotional emails

Create shipping event based Post-purchase flows

ShippingChimp captures every single transition in shipment activity. From the moment the label is generated through in-transit, delivery issues, out for delivery till successfully delivered status. With Klaviyo, craft emails that are triggered based on shipment activity.


Cross-sell and Upsell to existing customers

With ShippingChimp’s in-built product recommendation engine, include your best sellers automatically to order-update mails. Get more eyeballs on the latest collection from your existing customers. Nurture and persuade them to make repeat purchases.

cross sell and upsell to existing customers

Measure engagement rates and improve repeat sales

ShippingChimp with Klaviyo enables you to engage in data-driven retargeting. Track the most relevant KPIs to make tweaks to your campaigns. Segment and target customers with precise personalisation to hit your revenue milestones.


Why integrate your
Klaviyo with ShippingChimp?

Real-time exception notifications
Branded customer journey
Personalization for global audience
Reduced "Where is my order?" calls
Simplified returns process