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You can also model your order tracking template after popular ecommerce brands

Kohl’s order tracking page is another classic example of leveraging existing customer relationships. Customers are provided with clear estimated order-delivery dates. They are also given the option to receive tracking information through SMS. Check out Kohl’s call to sign up for Kohl’s coupon, a loyalty card program. This is a brilliant way to convert one time shoppers into loyal brand ambassadors.


The order tracking page from Urban outfitter is yet another example of turning post-purchase engagement into a revenue channel. The first section of the page is dedicated to informing the customer of the status of their order-delivery. Urban outfitters ensure to collect meaningful feedback from customers at the right time. Note how cleverly Urban outfitters maximise value from promotion on their page to drive repeat purchases.

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Gap’s order tracking page aligns with the rest of their website theme. Not only that, the tracking information displayed is clearly stated. Gap’s customer is updated with the exact order status along with the estimated package arrival date. On the right hand corner, Gap showcases their new arrivals with a CTA that nudges the customer to make additional purchases. Moreover, the product recommendations based on customer’s order history adds hyper-personalisation to this Post-purchase engagement.


The household name Costco has a simple yet informative order-tracking page. Customers are updated on the precise order location alongside a delivery feedback form. Costco advertises their New Year sale with special promo codes. New product arrivals are displayed in the same page nudging shoppers to buy more.


Crate & Barrel’s order tracking page is a visual treat. Designed around Christmas sale, the leading home furnishing brand takes the post purchase engagement to a whole different level. If customers are not enticed by eye-popping product suggestions, they are sure to fall in love with their thoughtful content. Customers are also encouraged to share their order on social media. Crate and Barrel builds a layer of user generated content on top of their customer engagement promotion.


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