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Here are the most commonly occurring order-shipment status messages and commonly asked questions

When the tracking status reads “in transit” , it means that the package is travelling. Packages are usually shipped to distribution or warehouse facility before they are handed over to the delivery truck that delivers the package to customer’s doorstep.
Carriers estimate the date of delivery of a particular shipment. This is called the estimated delivery date. When a carrier encounters exceptions such as bad weather or unexpected traffic, the package has a higher likelihood of being delayed. In those cases, the carrier compare the estimated delivery date against the actual location of the package to issue the status “in transit arriving late”.
Whenever the status stuck in the package “in transit” status, it frustrates the customers. Usually the “in transit “ status appears for an extended period for ground or standard shipments if the destination is remote. Additionally, if a package remains “in transit “ for long it could mean
  1. Package is stuck at customs
  2. Package is overweight
  3. The address on the package is incorrect
  4. Packaging is inadequate.
When a package is put on a delivery truck heading towards the final destination, the status transitions to “out for delivery”. Most times when carriers notify that the package is “out for delivery”, orders are delivered within 12 hours. If the shipment status remains “out for delivery” for weeks, the package is most likely to be lost.
“Attempted delivery” message indicates the carrier failed on its mission to successfully deliver your package. The reasons for failed delivery attempt are
  1. Signature was required and recipient was not available
  2. Incorrect address
  3. Delivery personnel was not let in
Shipment is “on-hold” for one of the following reasons:
  1. Waiting for customs clearance
  2. Incorrect address
  3. Documents are missing
  4. Peak shipping season

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