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Create Auto-delivery alerts from within Zohodesk

With ShippingChimp's predictive analytics proactively inform delivery issues
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Deliver a seamless post-purchase customer experience

The biggest differentiator for your eCommerce store is delivering a delightful customer experience. Offer an enterprise-grade delivery experience within your ZohoDesk.

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Stay on top of “ Where is my order?” queries

Automate shipment transit statuses to reduce redundant responses. Schedule delivery notifications for customers for every change in shipment transit status.

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Authorize return requests from within ZohoDesk

Simplify returns by letting customers file a return request on a self-serve portal. Pre-empt delivery issues such as delays before they take place.

Why your eCommerce helpdesk needs Shippingchimp?

Reduce the number of “ Where is my order?” tickets
Delight customers effortlessly by automating redundant responses
Inform customers of delivery issues even before they occur
Improve turn around time on every query
Single-click access to delivery related details
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